September 30, 2014

Snow white.

Sometimes a lack of color is the prettiest shade of them all. Here are some beautiful photos of white inspiration for your Tuesday afternoon:
 What a gorgeous piece from 1942. It is truly remarkable how clean it has remained!
Cute idea for postcard art.

...Because everything is more fun with polka dots.

Happy Tuesday! XO

September 25, 2014

What Erin's been up to lately.

Hey guys! I hope you're having a great week! This one's flown by for me, and I get to escape this weekend on a thrifting adventure through Southern Manitoba and North Dakota and I could not be more more excited about it!
Love this lazy cat and the light in the studio in the late afternoon.

Finally started stocking up my bar cart!

On my days off from my two other jobs, I have been picking up some hours working for my mom who owns an interior painting company. This was me 20 feet up on the scissor lift. I got to drive it which was pretty fun!

Naturally I needed a bath (with a beer) after two long days of painting!

Chicken is warming up to me in a big way these days, although she's a terrible crokinole player.

I thrifted these mugs in the past little while, even though I definitely don't need them...

It was our best friend Zoe's birthday last week, so naturally we drank a box of wine and then hesitantly cut Zoe some bangs (they turned out great by the way)! We had a really wonderful dinner at Segovia: one of my favorite restaurants in the city, followed by more drinks with more friends!

I came home the other day to the most amazing thank you care package from Britt and her man to say thanks for letting them stay in the studio. That girl is too thoughtful!

Stef's brother and sister in law got their beautiful wedding photos back last week and I couldn't help but share this one that caught me in the wedding planner zone!

I've been working on a few more additions that I will be selling starting October 1 online, and I think I'm going to keep this bad boy. More info on the shop to come soon!

xo, Erin

September 24, 2014

Big news.

Well folks, some of you may already know this, but most of you don't. At the end of December, we will be closing the doors to Rhymes with Orange for good. Our lease is up at the end of November, and we have chosen not to renew it. The past three years have been a total roller-coaster, and it's time to take things in a new direction! It's bitter sweet to think about closing the doors seeing as how it's been way more successful than we ever could have imagined. At first it was hard for us not to think about closing as a failure, but it's really not. We had an incredible run, it's just time to move forward!

On the plus side, things are going to be changing drastically around these parts in the upcoming months. We are finally going to put our studio to good use. We feel like in the last year we've lost that spark to really enjoy what it is that we are doing. It's time to buckle down and get creative again; to start making, meeting, collaborating and truly be passionate about what we do once again.
We will be doing pop up shops upstairs as well as lots of other fun events that are in the works. So please keep an eye out. We will be doing a major blog overhaul, launching a new online shop, and much much more!

We wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all of you that have supported us over the last three years, and will hopefully continue to do so in our next chapter!

Obviously we have a lot of stuff we need to get rid of before we close, so we're having sales until then, so come on by! 

xo, Erin & Stef

September 23, 2014

Fall Faves!

Happy first day of Autumn everyone! In honor of the change of seasons we thought we would share with you five reasons why we are fond of Fall:

1. All of the beautiful colors everywhere. 
All of the trees are absolutely gorgeous here at this time of year because they have the perfect mix of summer green leaves and autumn yellow and orange tones.

2. It's time to start getting into hibernation mode for the winter.
The nights are starting to become dark earlier and there is a slight chill in the air letting us know that winter is just around the corner and we are going to be spending more cozy time indoors.

On the topic of spending more time indoors, fall is the perfect time to finish any home projects that you have been putting off on those hot lazy summer days. Pick up some green plants and some cozy rugs and make your place as comfy and inviting as possible.

4. Spending more time in the kitchen baking.
Put all of those harvested apples to good use and bake a delicious aromatic apple pie! (Or a yummy peach pie like the one above!)

5. And last but not least the obvious reason why we love fall: dressing in layers.
It's time to break out your favorite blazers, leather jackets, and capes, friends! Yay!

What about you guys, what are your favorite parts about this season?