July 21, 2014

Camp Morton getaway.

For three years now, a grouf of 10-12 of my closest friends and their kids pack up and head out to Camp Morton for a long weekend. It's become a tradition, and one that I look forward to all year long. The cabins are just past Gimli, and are bare bones but so much fun. This year was no exception. It was my first weekend off since May, and I soaked up every last second of it.

We got there Friday evening and Donny put on some burgers (and used an axe to flip em!)

Meet Mortimer. He's the happiest baby I've ever met. Ugh, those eyebrows! Too much!

These are my pals, playing flippy cup as the kids ran around in the background. The best part of this picture is that half of them are parents. This was a pretty hilarious afternoon...

The next morning we had breakfast and then headed off to a nearby farmer's market and flea market! I stocked up on honey and also found an amazing pair of teak speakers that came home with me, as well as a horseshoe and a few other trinkets.

Was wishing I could stash all of these bikes in a trunk.

I'm really regretting not picking up one of these giant letters at the flea market. 

The kids were so perfect the entire weekend. They played and played and played some more. Here's Rollin pulling Rusty in the shark boat on the grass.

Rusty's best statue pose. Seriously? This kid is too cute for words.

We spent a good chunk of the weekend at the beach, floating in the dingy's and doing a bunch of day-drinking. The weather was absolutely perfect, although the mosquitoes were pretty insane.

Donny & Tiff carring the shark boat to the beach! 
Until next year Camp Morton!

XO, Erin

July 17, 2014

Friday, finally!

It's mid-July already? Are you serious?! My gosh, this summer is flying by before my eyes! Erin is heading to the cabin this weekend with some friends for some much needed time off and I am manning the fort here at the shop! The Fringe Festival is also happening for the next week in the Exchange District so if you are in the area come on down and say hello!

If you like gin and sparkling wine, then this is your ideal summer cocktail! Doesn't it look so darn refreshing?

Long locks + bell bottoms = a truly dreamy combo.

How adorable is this DIY via Poppytalk? This needs to be in my kitchen!

This is a party that I want to be invited to.

Do you guys have any fun weekend plans?
XO, Stef

July 16, 2014

What Stef's been up to as of late.

I don't know about you guys, but I've had a pretty chill July so far. I've been hanging out around home and tackling projects that I have been putting off for months, and of course also spending plenty of time catching up on relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. Plenty of barbecues, campfires, long walks and basically trying to take full advantage of the warm weather while I can. Here is a little peek at what my summer has looked like thus far:

A few weeks ago I went to Minneapolis with a bunch of friends for my brother and his fiance's combined bachelor / bachelorette party weekend and we hit up the Mall of America and I definitely did a bit of damage! I was super psyched when I found a great pair of high-waisted, flared, 70's style jeans that I had been on the hunt for. Of course I was also pretty psyched on the cheap bottles of wine too. ;)

Now that the weather has warmed up I have been spending my evenings going for long walks around my neighborhood, which is where I stumbled upon this adorable little pale pink car! I mean how cute is this?

I've also spent some time cleaning up the deck and setting up all of my patio furniture so that it's ready to go for when friends stop by for patio drinks and barbecues. However, I've gotta admit that my favorite way to spend a warm summer afternoon is reading a good book in my hammock with a frozen beverage in hand. Nothing beats that.

Speaking of backyard parties, we had some close friends and neighbors over for a dinner party this past weekend and they brought a furry friend along too! Man, I really need to get my own pet one of these days...

What about you guys, how has your July been so far? I hope it's been relaxing and you have taken time to soak up those summer rays.
XO, Stef

July 15, 2014

Wrap it up.

I was cleaning up my bedroom this morning and realized that I have an absurd amount of headscarves and ties and I almost never wear them. I picked one out and am starting to wonder why I don't wear them every day! Here's a little inspiration for ya.
This colorful wrap looks picture perfect with a bright lip color.

What a fun outfit! Photo found here. Original source unknown.

She is my short-haired, hair-wrapping idol.

Love this messy look. Photo found here.

I can only hope and pray to one day be as cool as this woman.